The religion of my forefather Abraham
"Who is better in religion than he who surrenders his purpose to ALLAH while doing good
and follows the tradition of Abraham the Hanif. ALLAH chose Abraham for friend"
Quran Sura; 4 vers; 125


Hanif Islam is the pure religion where falsehood, lies and conjecture are not followed. Actually a very easy religion where of books only the Quran is followed. The so called "hadith" shall not be followed according to the Quran. Where it is written in the Quran that you Shall not follow the so called "hadith" can you find here.

This religion is not to be mixed with "sunni" or"shia" who follow the so called "hadith". This religion is simply called Hanif Islam which is the religion of my forefather Abraham who was neither christian, jew, sunni, shia etc. but he was a Hanif Muslim which is confirmed in the Quran. Quranic confirmation you can find here.

The differences if you only follow the Quran between you and many others are many. Here are some of the more important differences;

There are only 2 praires in the Quran. One is called Dawn (Fajr) and one is called Night (Isha). Easy really one in the morning and one in the evening. The Dawn prayer starts at dawn until the sunrise and the Night prayer starts at the going down of the sun until the dark of night (going on a bit into the night). Quranic confirmation of this you find here; sura; 17 vers; 78 and sura; 11 vers; 114
Circumsition Does'nt say in the Quran so it shall not be done. It's from satan. Quran sura; 4 vers; 119
Veil No obligation for the women on the head. Should according to the Quran be drawn over the bosom (breastpart of the body). Quran sura; 24 vers; 31
Pilgrimage Pilgrimage is 3 months. Quran sura; 2 vers; 197. Total months per year is 12. Four of them are sacred and one of these four is Ramadan. Quran sura; 9 vers; 36

The easyness in Hanif Islam with only two prayers is also confirmed in the Quran wich can be read in sura; 22 vers; 78 where it sais that ALLAH has not laid upon us in religion any hardship. It fits so well with Hanif Islam.

Here are som smaller differences; here


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