The religion of my forefather Abraham
"Who is better in religion than he who surrenders his purpose to ALLAH while doing good
and follows the tradition of Abraham the Hanif. ALLAH chose Abraham for friend"
Quran Sura; 4 vers; 125


A punishment and the last day are not far away so keep your duty to ALLAH and await the punishment (a wind) wich is very close.

After this punishment there will come the last day so remember both of these are close. These are tidings from ALLAH.

Remember that Certainly, Allah is All-Mighty, - All-Able of Retribution.

Obedience is so very important. Those who don't obey ALLAH don't believe in ALLAH. For example; If someone has a DVD player connected to the power outlet and it looks to be working but the owner tells you that it is broke and high voltage, in fact so high voltage so that you vill die if you touch it. If you BELIVE what he says you don't touch it but if you DON'T BELIVE what he says you don't feel hindered to touch it and may touch it. Same thing with religion; if BELIVE you will go to hell if you make sins then you don't intentionally do them but if you DON'T BELIVE you will go to hell if you make sins then you make sins.

Remember is says in the Quran that the best among you is the one who fears ALLAH most.

So belive in ALLAH and his messengers and obey ALLAH and belive in the last day and do right then ALLAH has promised those who do so paradise and the promise of ALLAH is to be trusted 100%.

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